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BGP Community Support

The AS8758 Network sets certain communities when learning prefixes and allows customers and peers to ser communities to steer traffic within our network.

Community tags we set when learning a prefix

8758:100Learnt from Customer
8758:105Learnt from Peer
8758:110Learnt from Transit
8758:200Learnt from SwissIX Peer
8758:205Learnt from SwissIX Route Server
8758:220Learnt from AMS-IX Peer
8758:225Learnt from AMS-IX Route Server
8758:230Learnt from DE-CIX Peer
8758:235Learnt from DE-CIX Route Server
8758:300Learnt in Z├╝rich
8758:301Learnt in Glattbrugg
8758:8758Our own prefixes

Community tags a customer can set

8758:666Blackhole this route (only /32)
8758:1000Do not announce to Customers
8758:1100Do not announce to any Privat Peer
8758:1101Do not announce to Google PNI
8758:1102Do not announce to Netflix OCA PNI
8758:1103Do not announce to Google GGC PNI
8758:2000Do not announce to any Internet Exchange
8758:2001Do not announce to SwissIX in Zurich
8758:2002Do not announce to SwissIX in Glattbrugg
8758:2009Do not announce to SwissIX Routeservers
8758:2022Do not announce to AMS-IX in Glattbrugg
8758:2029Do not announce to AMS-IX Routeservers
8758:2032Do not announce to DE-CIX in Glattbrugg
8758:2039Do not announce to DE-CIX Routeservers
8758:3000Do not announce to any Upstream
8758:3001Do not announce to Colt (AS8220)
8758:3002Do not announce to Cogent (AS174)
8758:3003Do not announce to UPC (AS6830))
8758:3004Do not announce to NTS (AS15576)
8758:3005Do not announce to Telia (AS1299)
8758:3006Do not announce to Swisscom (AS3303)

Community tags a peer can set

8758:1000Do not announce to Customers

Peering policy

We have an open peering policy. You can peer with us at SwissIX or AMS-IX we usualy prefer to get your prefixes over the route servers when possible and traffic levels are low.

We also peer over PNI at the datacentres we are present. Deetails can be found in PeeringDB

For peering requests please contact peering (at) as8758 (dot) net.